Success through collaboration
Fostering equity in family engagement

The Washington Statewide Family Engagement Center

The Washington Statewide Family Engagement Center collaborates with partners to enhance family engagement efforts statewide through a five-year federal grant. We foster an equity-driven culture of family engagement, collaborating with families to co-create solutions for historically marginalized children and youth. Our programs empower families, educators, healthcare providers, and child development professionals to provide layered support for youth to thrive.

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Building Solidarity to Advance Equitable Family Engagement

Strong, trusting relationships between educators and families are foundational to educational equity. Indeed, students, families, schools, and communities benefit from strong family-school partnerships.

Sarah Butcher

Family and community engagement in school centers the creation of equitable partnerships and a collective commitment to promoting an environment of belonging that allows every child to reach their full human potential.

Sarah Butcher Director, Roots of Inclusion