Resources for Schools

Family Engagement Frameworks

Frameworks to support schools, families, and community partners in developing more meaningful and equitable family engagement practices.

Washington State Family Engagement Framework, WA OSP

This framework is based on a review of national research as well as family engagement policies and best practices in Washington and other states.

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Dual Capacity-Building Framework for School-Family Partnerships, Harvard University

This framework, designed to support the development of family engagement strategies, policies, and programs, is based on existing research and best practices.

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The School/District Family Leadership Framework

This tool lists key conditions for infrastructure, capacity-building, and relationships to provide meaningful and equitable family leadership. It is recommended as a launching point for reflection and action.

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Family Engagement Framework, Family Leadership Design Collaborative

This framework represents the vision of The Family Leadership Design Collaborative—a national network of scholars, practitioners, and family and community leaders who work to center racial equity in family engagement.

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Family Engagement Tools and Toolkits

Actionable resources that support educators in implementing equitable family engagement frameworks and practices.

The Family Engagement Learning Series Briefs

These briefs summarize a six-part webinar series of conversations designed to Raise the Bar for family engagement practices between school and home.

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Authentic Family & Community Engagement Learning Modules, WA OSPI

These online learning modules and resource toolkit support team discussions and action planning for partnerships between schools and communities.

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Funds of Knowledge Toolkit for Educators, WA OSPI

This toolkit supports educators in considering the funds of knowledge of their students and families.

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School-Wide Family Engagement Rubric, Flamboyan Foundation

This tool illustrates effective family engagement and helps schools focus on, learn about, and generate new ideas and strategies for family engagement.

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Home Visits Toolkit, WA OSPI

This toolkit guides educators in planning home visits to strengthen relationships and support academic progress.

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Resources for Educators, The National Association for Family, School and Community Engagement

A variety of resources to give schools the ideas and tools needed to improve family engagement practices.

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Toolkit of Resources for Engaging Families and the Community as Partners in Education

This four-part resource brings together research, promising practices, tools, and resources to guide educators in strengthening partnerships with families and community members to support student learning.

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Introduction to Family Engagement in Education, Harvard University

A free, online, self-paced course facilitated by Dr. Karen Mapp on successful collaborations between families and educators and why they lead to improved outcomes for students and schools.

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Roots of Inclusion Community Conversation Toolkit

A toolkit to help families, educators, and community members plan and host a community conversation on inclusion.

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Office of Native Education (ONE), WA OSPI

This website helps school districts meet the educational needs of American Indian and Alaska Native students.

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Resources to Support Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Resources to help educators and schools support students’ social and emotional development.

Why SEL Alone Isn’t Enough, Dr. Dena Simmons

A resource on why SEL, when done poorly and without cultural competency, faces the risk of becoming "white supremacy with a hug."

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WA OSPI Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Resources

A set of implementation resources for and updates on Washington state’s social emotional learning program.

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Social and Emotional Learning Activities for Families and Educators

Links to several activities that support students’ social and emotional learning and development.

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