Partners & Advisory Board


Education Northwest

For more than 50 years Education Northwest has partnered with schools, districts, and communities to help all children and youth meet their full potential. They provide high-quality research, technical assistance, professional development, and evaluation services that address the most pressing education and youth-services needs across the country.

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Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction

OSPI is the primary agency charged with overseeing public K–12 education in Washington state and is committed to devoting federal and state resources to ensure that schools and their districts grow family and community collaboration, support the success of all students and families, and develop more culturally responsive and inclusive schools. Recognizing that diverse family-school-community partnership efforts provide vital input and wisdom to improve policies and practices, OSPI is fully involved in the implementation of WASFEC as an important partner in its mission to ensure all students thrive.

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Community Center for Education Results (CCER)

Community Center for Education Results (CCER) is a nonprofit created to serve as the backbone of the Road Map Project. The Road Map Project is a collective impact initiative working with students, families, educators and school leaders, state and local government, and community-based organizations to create systems-level change in seven King County school districts.

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Roots of Inclusion (ROI)

Roots of Inclusion (ROI) is a nonprofit organization based in Bellevue, Washington, that works across the state to amplify the voices of youth and their families to promote equity, inclusion, and belonging in schools and communities. ROI takes an adaptive community leadership approach to community conversations that is designed to create systems centering equity and inclusion.

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Washington Family Engagement

Washington Family Engagement is a statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to building the capacity of diverse families to become prepared contributors to systemic change and of education, government, and nonprofit institutions to recognize equitable family engagement as necessary for children's well-being and success.

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Advisory Board

The purpose of the advisory board is to guide the Washington Statewide Family Engagement Center’s work by providing input and feedback about the state’s needs, educational priorities, and stakeholder perspectives. The board includes parents, educators, and stakeholders from around the state and supports outreach to a diverse, representative network of communities and families.

Family Representatives

  • Dontae Brown
  • Celeste Galvan
  • Iris Jael Rosas
  • Keith Montoya
  • Ruvine Jimenez
  • Heather Lindberg
  • Rosario (Maria) Cruz
  • Samantha Fogg
  • Arlista Holman
  • Sandra Zavala-Ortega
  • Nikki Bauman

Organizational Representatives

  • Joel Aune, Executive Director, Washington Association of School Administrators
  • Paul Tan, Open Doors for Multicultural Families (ODMF)
  • Annabel Torres, Washington Education Association
  • Scott Seaman, Association of Washington School Principals
  • Jessica Vavrus, Association of Educational School Districts
  • Jill McCormick, PAVE
  • Andrew Estep, Washington PTA
  • Rayann Silva, University of Washington’s School Mental Health Assessment, Research, & Training Center
  • Melissa Beard, Washington State School Directors’ Association